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The objective of MDG1 is to ‘eradicate extreme hunger and poverty’ and it has three targets: 1) to reduce extreme poverty by one-half between 1990 and 2015 the proportion of people whose income is less than one dollar a day (MDG1A); 2) to achieve productive and decent employment (MDG1B); and 3) to reduce hunger by half (MDG1C).

Based on what you have learned from the reading/videos and how the alphabet organizations (CARE & the WFP) operate, what would you develop as the main strategies for achieving the targets: MDG1A and MDG1C in a country like Uganda. Enumerate a list of actions/interventions with a brief rationale (one sentence) of why such action/intervention would be instrumental to reduce hunger and poverty. Be sure to include enough rationale/fact/explanations to support your statements.

No copy past, no plagiarism!!

Follow the Rubric!! 

  • All posts are 200 words or longer – 10 points

Thoroughly addresses the question AND providesrationale/fact/explanations – 50 points

Critically analyzes another student’s original post AND includes atleast one of the following:1) further support/strengths/ideas to that original post2) constructively points out weaknesses or areas ofimprovement in that original post – 20 points

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