“45”-Single by The Gaslight Anthem


It’s been a long two years since The Gaslight Anthem released 2010’s American Slang. Fans (including myself) have been waiting for a new single. Our wish was granted on May 8th, with the release of “45”. The song is mainly about getting over an event in your life or a bad breakup by “Turning the record over” and “letting someone else lay at her feet”. The New Jersey punks lay out a fast song, with a blazing rhythm guitar track, (Played by front man Brian Fallon and guitar-tech Ian Perkins) and an amazing solo by lead guitarist Alex R. The lyrics are outstanding, and some of Fallon’s best work; it’s short, sweet and directly to you, with no metaphors that will leave you analyzing for days. Check it out on YouTube or iTunes.
4/5 stars.

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