Abortion (Pro- Choice)


First write a project proposal to the committee, where they describe the topic they have chosen, explain why it is worthy of study,
and identify the sources they intend to leverage. Research and Read. Students research a compelling topic where they will prove a point and draw
new conclusions on the topic. Some things to keep in mind while researching:
How the topic changed over time
Why people should care about the topic
How does the topic connect to today
Student will identify and keep track of appropriate sources. These sources may include books, scholarly journals, news articles, primary sources, oral
histories, and historical fiction. At least five separate sources will need to be cited in the written paper that follows. An annotated bibliography of these
sources will be required with the submission of the paper. Write. Next students will demonstrate findings and a new understanding of the topic by
using the research to write an analytical paper. We will provide a rubric for this. Similar to the quarterly essays, each point you make in the paper
should be proven by factual evidence from the informational text. You will analyze, reflect, and compare. In referencing their sources, students use
MLA-style and in-text citations. A Bibliography must be included with the paper. Library Page on how to do citations.
Heading Should be the following
Fajar Shahzadi
Mr Zachary Sieczkowski/ Mrs. Lasko
World History 2 (19-20)
18 April 2020
At least 6 sources must be used for this research/argumentative paper.

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