Accountable Culture Assignment


Accountable Culture Assignment

That means that any assignment where you have to provide information, even an opinion such as reflection papers or discussions, must be on your readings in the course minimally and, optimally, both readings from the textbook and any extraneous material on the topic. In short, you should have in-text citations (citations within the paper giving credit to your sources) in any paper you submit. If you have in-text citations than it stands to reason that you would have a reference page.

ASSIGNMENT *Please read Chapter 10 in your textbook. Go to page 130, “10.4 Practices for Making Your Culture More Innovative”. Read Practice 1 – Practice 7, Pages 130 – 134. You have taken over an organization where there is very little creativity and innovation. The employees are not encouraged to put forth new and vital ideas and its seems that very few people in the organization from top to bottom voice the importance of innovation. Please write an essay, APA-styled, a minimum of 3 pages, describing how you would build a change-capable organization and innovative culture.

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