Advantages And Disadvantages Of Policies Associated With Economic Globalization/Neoliberalism


Tom Friedman (Golden Straightjacket/World is Flat) is both optimistic and realistic in his approach to how economic globalization /neoliberalism could and should change the way peoples and states think about how to grow economically. Using the cases of Russia AND EITHER China OR India, identify and explain what you see as the most significant advantages and disadvantages/risks of the policies associated with economic globalization /neoliberalism. Be sure to treat both sides evenly, approximately 2.5 pages each. In a conclusion, indicate how you would modify Friedman’s position in order to account for the realities of the two cases you discussed. Note that you should build your own case rather than rely on his or too much on any two or three of our authors (NOT JUST those on your two cases).

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