Age Stratification Issues That Prevent A Person From Flourishing In Relationships


Assignment: A 3-page essay, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, APA Style required, and use title page, but not an abstract. At least 3 full pages of text. Points are taken off for essays that are not the full length required. You MUST use at least TWO citations – feel free to use more.

Recall what sorts of relationships are important in late adulthood.

• Friendships are important in later life because they offer personal control, companionship, and social support.

• Family relationships, especially with siblings and children, provide a great deal of emotional support for people in later life.

• Although there is no single cause for the increasingly prevalent phenomenon of elder abuse, “it often is the result of a combination of economic, psychological, and social pressures on caregivers who must provide high levels of care 24 hours a day” (Feldman, 2014, p. 591) .

QUESTIONS/PROMPTS TO ANSWER: Think about yourself OR a person in your life who is currently in late adulthood and describe the person overall. Recall that Feldman (2014) stated, “there is no single way to age successfully” (p. 573). Of the three theories presented about successful aging (disengagement, activity, continuity), which theory (or another theory of which you have learned about in class) best represents the person you chose? Why does this theory apply to the person chosen?

What kinds of relationships does the person have? Are the relationships beneficial to the person or detrimental? Are there any age stratification issues that prevent this person from flourishing in relationships? If so, which age stratification issues? Describe what you think can be done, or what theory can be used, to improve the relationships, if needed? You do not have to specifically name an individual; please use a pseudonym.

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