Analyisis Of An Academic Text And A Television Show


Over the past few weeks of the semester, we’ve been working with “academic texts” to identify arguments, claims, evidence, strategies, & rhetorical appeals. In general, these texts share many of the same features, including making explicit arguments, creating practical solutions, using language that is accessible for the target audience, and using frequent appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos.
What happens, however, when we try to analyze a genre that is not considered an “academic text?” Do any of the conventions change? Are any of the conventions similar?
For this assignment, you are being asked to analyze two genres: (1) an academic text and (2) a television show. Ultimately, you will need to synthesize both genres and analyze the effectiveness of both arguments.
You will use the following material for your analysis:
Roger McNamee’s “I Invested Early in Google and Facebook. Now They Terrify Me” (2017)
Black Mirror, season 3, episode 1, “Nosedive” (2016) located on Netflix
As an alternative for those who do not have access to Netflix, you can watch “Generation Like” by PBS (2014) located on YouTube
Read: McNamee’s article, taking note of his argument, rhetorical strategies, and rhetorical appeals
Watch: “Nosedive” or “Generation Like,” taking of their argument, rhetorical strategies, and rhetorical appeals
Begin finding areas where the television show and written text agree, disagree, or use similar/different rhetorical strategies and appeals
You will need to identify four ways they are similar or different (can be 3 similar, 1 different; 2 similar, 2 different, etc.)
Put the two media “in conversation” by synthesizing and analyzing the effectiveness of their choices
Develop an essay between 4-5 pages long
4-5 pages in length
MLA 8 Format
MLA 8 Works Cited Page
Direct quotes? make sure you introduce, integrate, and analyze. Don’t simply “drop in” quotes.
Because you are asked to write an analysis of an argument, you are required to evaluate whether or not McNamee’s and Black Mirror’s (or “Generation Like”) argument was effective or ineffective. Focus on walking your reader through the choices they make and why they make them in order to make their argument.
Intro: strong hook, background context, introduce both article & secondary media, road map of your analysis, thesis

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