Analysis Of Biosite’s Online Presence By Use Of Appropriate E-marketing Terminology


1.1       Focus of the Assignment

This is an individual assignment and counts for 90% towards the overall mark of the module.

For the Strategic E-marketing assignment, you will be working as an e-marketing consultant for a live client. Your role entails you critiquing and analysing their online presence and subsequently propose an e-strategy.

Live Client Information

The driving force behind Biosite was to create a technology company that could solve problems and make lives better for people. This ethos was quickly adapted to solve the challenges for complex construction sites.

Biosite’s market-leading digital technology streamlines operations for the construction sector, improving health & safety on site. It’s in-house research, software development and production capabilities have made Biosite a technology partner of choice for leading UK construction companies.

It’s unique fingerprint algorithm and digital reporting system have been designed specifically for the construction sector. This has created significant improvements in workforce management, staff reporting and traceability, allowing main contractors to establish a true working history, credential and disciplinary record of individuals on site.

Biosite also offers a leading EN54 certified fire alarm system, delivery management and manned security solutions. Key competitors are highlighted below:




WES/ Ramtech

Bull Products


Field View



Coursework Steps

You are required to critically analyse Biosite’s online presence by using appropriate e-marketing terminology, theory and frameworks. Thereafter, based on your analysis, including competitor analysis, you are asked to formulate an effective e-marketing strategy for your organisation. You will need to explain and justify your recommendations.

You are required to apply theory into practice; make use of theoretical models and frameworks. However, you should not rewrite theories, describe models or quote extensively. The proposed e-marketing strategy should be SMART, i.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. High marks will be awarded for critical analysis, application of theory, creativity, quality of strategic recommendations and evidence of extensive reading of the relevant literature.

1.2       Part A: 50% of assignment grade

Your critique should include a detailed analysis of Biosite’s online presence and e-marketing activities focusing on:

  • competitor analysis
  • online customer experience/engagement
  • social media involvement and analysis

1.3       Part B: 50% of assignment grade

Having carried out a thorough analysis of the firm’s current online presence, you should propose an E-Marketing strategy for Biosite. This should include:

  • clearly defined SMART objectives
  • objectives need to be aligned to target audience
  • proposed recommendations to meet objectives
  • proposed evaluation methods

To complete this assignment successfully, you will have to conduct your own analysis based on secondary data available. You will be expected to make use of the resources (e.g. lecture notes, books, academic journals, relevant industry reports) with appropriate referencing.

YOU SHOULD NOT CONTACT THE ORGANISATION, OR ANY OF ITS AGENTS. However, a forum will be set up on Blackboard where you can ask questions, and this will be facilitated by the module leader.

The analysis of the online presence is based on their website and social media presence:

1.4       Key Guidelines

  • The word count for the research report is a maximum of 3,500 words excluding references and appendices. Please note that anyone ignoring the word limit may be penalized.
  • The analysis needs to be coherent, with clear, logical explanation and reasoned commentary.
  • The format of the reports will also be commented upon further in class. However, each report should include:


  • Title Page;
  • List of Contents;
  • Short Executive Summary/introduction (No more than 100 words, not included in the word count);
  • Section A:
    • Competitor analysis
    • Online customer experience and engagement
    • Social media involvement and analysis
  • Section B:
    • Clearly defined SMART objectives
    • Target audiences
    • Proposed recommendations to meet objectives
    • Proposed evaluation methods
  • Summary/concluding remarks (no more than 200 words);
  • References and Appendices.
  • Each report should be in 12-point Times Roman or Arial. Clearly expressed points in English, careful punctuation and appropriate use of paragraphs will be appreciated and will help you improve your work.
  • A full list of references of all sources (whether academic or industry-based) must appear at the end of your assignment. Please follow Harvard referencing style. Sources must also be indicated clearly in the main text, as they arise. You must not copy material directly from any source word for word without acknowledgement, and neither must you paraphrase material from any source (academic or business) without acknowledgment. To do so is ‘plagiarism’, which is a serious academic offence. Very important: this report must be entirely your own work and no-one else’s.
  • The appendices you include in the report should be relevant. Materials that appear in the appendices must be referred to and commented upon in the main text, otherwise they will not be counted towards your grade. Appendices should not be treated as an extension of the main report.


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