Annotated Bibliography with brief analysis of evidence-based practice (EBP) research


Format: Overview
This assessment requires you to choose a best practice in a social work topic and search for three types of evidence sources relevant to this topic. You will write annotations for the three different sources. In addition, you will provide a brief evaluative analysis (250 words) of the process and results of the evidence inquiry exercise, assessing the usefulness of the evidence inquiry process for practice decision making.

Your annotations will be sourced from different research collections one from a
systematic review, one based on primary evidence in a published evaluation or research article, and one from ’grey-literature’ learinghouse- type web pages). Please avoid evidence sources irrelevant to social work decision makingMedical Journals.

Below are some suggested ’best practice in social work’ inquiry topics.
– Welfare to work interventions (for people with disability or with single parents)
– parenting programs in child abuse and neglect contexts
– Drug and alcohol abuse interventions
– Mental health interventions
– Care planning for frail older people
– Support after inpatient health care
– post-adoption support
– Emergency responses (in health care contexts, or in rural communities)

Write your ’best practice in social work topic’ at the beginning of the document.
Research and prepare three annotations: Each annotation will include all or part of the following elements – keeping to the word limit of no more than 250 words per annotation.

– Provide the full bibliographic citation
– Identify the research methods and sample.
– Identify the key findings or results relevant to the question, “what works in practice?”
– Indicate the limitations of this evidence.
In the final paragraph, provide an evaluative overview of doing this evidence-based inquiry exercise. Please address: What were the key challenges in finding relevant sources? Was there a consistent message across the sources about ”what works” or best practice evidence? How useful was this exercise as a decision to aid about best practice?

A1 Exemplar (some sources below are fictitious)

Best practice inquiry topic: What prevention programs work to reduce family violence in Australian rural Indigenous communities?

Source 1: Blogs, J. & Khan, F. Interventions for violence in indigenous populations: an overview of Cochrane Reviews. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2019, Issue 1.

Research methods and sample
Key findings: what interventions work?
Limitations of source
Words 200

Source 2: White, B. 2019. Educational interventions for rural indigenous populations affected by violence: What works? Clinical Social Work Journal, vol 556(3): pages.

Research methods and sample:
Key findings: what interventions work?
Limitations of source
Words 220

Source 3: Holder, R. Putt, J. & O’Leary, C. Safety planning in crisis situations with and for Aboriginal women experiencing domestic and family violence: a practice guide. Unpublished paper, ANROWS Horizons. Sydney: ANROWS

Research methods and sample
Key findings: what interventions work?
Limitations of source
Words 240

Analysis of sources: What were the key challenges identifying relevant and differentiated sources? Was there a consistent message of best practice or ”what works”? Your reflections on the process of evidence-based inquiry (250 words)

Additional References (do not repeat citations already given)

Marking Criteria:
1. Relevant and varied evidence sources. Excellent selection of varied types of sources, relevant to social welfare practice.
2. Clear source summaries of methods and results. Strong annotations with exceptional clarity; demonstrates understanding of sources written in clear and simple form.
3. Evaluative analysis. Simple but elegantly written analysis of inquiry process and
results, pointing to usefulness, and strengths and weaknesses of EBI for practice.

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