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Directions:   Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Your response should be a maximum of two (2) double-spaced pages in length; refer to the “Assignment Format” page for specific format requirements.

For Questions 1-5, select the appropriate words for the sentence. (7 points each)

1. Although the Smiths had (already, all ready) eaten dinner, they (aloud, allowed) Johnnie to prepare his plate at the stove and join them at the table.

2. Sarah (choose, chose) to go on the field trip to Atlanta and was nearly (busting, bursting) with energy as she boarded the bus. 

3. I believe the paper napkins will (affect, effect) the color scheme you selected for the wedding (regardless, irregardless) of what Ms. Compton says.

4. We shall (precede, proceed) with the bake sale, and all (proceeds, proceed) will go to the Children’s Mission.

5. “(Can, May) I attend the party with Bert?” I asked Dad. “I (no, know) he’s not (your, you’re) favorite person.” 

For questions, 6-10, select the correct word for each of the following sentences. (7 points each)

6. People can often work (to, two, too) much, which leads to burnout.

7. (Your, You’re) understanding of this novel is so (thorough, through, though).

8. He (sat, set) the plant on the windowsill so that it could take advantage of the pretty (weather, whether).

9. Blake didn’t (no, know) if he (passed, past) his exam. 

10. You must (accept, except) the fact that his (been, being) here (effects, affects) you greatly.

11. In a paragraph, define “plagiarism” (10 points), and discuss two (2) ways to avoid plagiarism in your writing (10 points each). (Possible total of 30 points for #11)

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