Salary and Advancement Options Between Careers


Purpose statement:

To present facts on wages, advancement opportunities and cost for different careers in the field within the workforce. 


Central Idea:

Our research has shown several benefits of having a college education, the salary differences within the engineering field and how money can affect someone’s motivation.

Introduction: (Completed by A)

Have you ever asked yourself, “What does it take to become a teacher, doctor, computer programmer, or even a nurse?” “Which profession is more valuable than the other one for your future?” For example, a doctor has to study for a period of 8 years so that he can learn how to save yours or somebody else’s life.  Likewise, the median number of months it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree in education is 54 months.  Having a degree has its advantages when it comes to job salaries, but some of these professionals are asking themselves why their salary is not even close to what an athlete gets paid annually. 

Transition: Even though an athlete may get paid more than an average college graduate, there are many more opportunities for a successful career with a college education. (B Completed)

I.                   The benefits of having a college education are quite extensive. (B Completed this Portion)

a.       One obvious and important reason to obtain a college degree is to earn more money

                                                              i.      “High School diploma average: $30,000/year. Bachelor’s average: $50,000/year. Higher level degree (master’s, doctorate, professional): $70,000/year” (McGuire, 2011).

b.      Better jobs equal better benefits

                                                              i.      Many jobs provide benefits such as retirement plans, healthcare, and travel.

c.       Greater job satisfaction and security

                                                              i.      Degree holders are less likely to be laid off during recession

                                                            ii.       Having a degree also gives wider range of job opportunities so that one can find a career they thoroughly enjoy.

Transition: It is obvious that having a college education comes along with a lot of benefits, not only that, but work experience is important, too, and you can definitely see that in the engineering field, especially with their salaries. (C  completed)

I.                   A lot of factors come into play when it comes to salaries within the engineering field and the different job titles. (C Completed this Portion)

a.       Some of the factors include an employee’s education level as well as their work experience within the industry

                                                              i.      An engineer with no supervisory experience can make around what a supervisor with supervisory experience makes annually based off of their education level

b.      The salaries of each employee in the engineering field is gathered annually for review

                                                              i.      This allows them to determine what the median salary is within the industry

1.      They can also compare it to previous years as well to see the growth within the industry

                                                            ii.      The EWC has been gathering information about engineering compensation since 1953” (Byko, 2008).

1.      They also do this to compare salaries and wages from all types of employers across the United States

Transition: Like any other job, a career in engineering comes with monetary rewards. However, how giant these monetary rewards become will relatively affect the level of motivation. Though it’s not considered a prime motivator, it engages employees to a notable percentage. (D Completed)

I.                   Money is the key to other desirables (D Completed this Portion)

a)      Money will precisely pave way for the acquisition of any level of need as put forth by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Be it social recognition, education for children, self-actualization, etc.

i.                    For instance, success indicators associated with salaries like driving posh cars, decent housing and dressing are inclined to pay as asserted by equity theory

ii.                  Under engineering field, most people tend to choose a specific engineering career specialization based on the compensation such option will offer.   

b)      Pay tends to show a relative co-existence with job prestige. High tasked and skill-    specific jobs pay more than less tasked and general jobs

                                                                             i.      Reasonable pay will stabilize employees rather than mere pay which forces them to seek multiple jobs in order to meet their needs

Conclusion: (Completed by E)

It is our hope that by now you have a clear understanding about the importance of having a college degree and the differences in salary based on your chosen field.   The world has been transformed from a manufacturing-based economy to an economy based on knowledge.  Although athletes earn a lot more money than doctors, teachers, nurses or farmers, I consider that those professionals are more valuable to me in the future than what a superstar could do. For example, a surgeon could save hundreds of people before his life span ends, however, an athlete could get injured within hours of the start of the season and will be rendered useless for the team.  The importance of a college education today can be compared to that of a high school education fifty years ago. It will serve as the gateway to better options and more opportunity.




   1, A preview description of your project


   2. Why your group chose this project


   3. Your specific purpose statement


   4.Your approach for your presentation



                                                       ONE GROUP ANSWER (OWN)

A preview description of your project

In our project we discuss salary and advancement opportunities between career paths and how salary is deciphered in the engineering field. Not only that, but we discuss the benefits of a college education as well as how money is a strong motivator for those on the workforce.

Why your group chose this project

Our group chose this project for a few reasons. We wanted to choose something that was not only educational, but relatable to the majority of people. By breaking down how a college education can influence your salary to how salary can be broken down (for example we used engineering) and how money can motivate someone more, we really give our audience insight on how to succeed. Seeing how this can be relatable to thousands who are pursuing a college education and a career path, we saw it as a great project idea.

Your specific purpose statement

To present facts on wages, advancement opportunities and cost for different careers in the field within the workforce. 

Your approach for your presentation


The approach that we are using for our presentation is to reach out to those who are either pursuing a college education, seeking a new career path or entrepreneurs. We break down different aspects on how someone can earn more money and how some salary is deciphered in the workforce. Another thing we are doing is reaching out to the audience’s side that is thriving for success. We are reaching out to their motivational and hopeful side.





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