Assessment Name Presentation — -Doing business in


Assessment Name Presentation — -Doing business in…-
Unit Learning Outcomes LO1 — LO4
Due Date and Time 11.04.2018, Week 6, In Class
Weighting 20%
Assessment Description -Doing business in…- is a cultural insight presentation which requires you to share your empathetic and holistic understanding of conducting business in a culture other than your own. You will be assigned a country in the class during week 3 on which you will present in the class using PowerPoint. You will be giving a 10 minute presentation that should include: an introduction to the culture (e.g., geography, demographics, dominant ideologies, history, etc.); details about the people of the culture (e.g. language, traditions, cuisine, music, recreation, etc.); insights to conducting business with the culture; and an enjoyable culturally based class activity.
Detailed Submission Requirements This is an individual task in PowerPoint format of approximately 10 minutes which includes an activity.
You will upload the presentation on Moodle before 23.55 on 11.04.2018. Presentations are scheduled during tutorial hours of Week 6. If the presentations are to be extended beyond one workshop, follow the time table provided on Moodie. Submission deadline on Moodie remains same even if your presentation is slotted in next week.

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