Beliefs About Causes and Control: Attribution Theory


Book : Educational Psychology 13 or 14 edition

CITE from the textbook at least twice per question to support the writing. (If textbook has no page numbers list the section of the book which you cited)

Journal with no citation, will automatically receive 1/2 credit or less for this assignment.

Question 1: Chapter 12

12.4 Beliefs About Causes and Control: Attribution Theory

In this video, observe the teacher’s interactions with students who struggle. Consider the ways he helps students deal with difficulties during learning activities in the classroom. He does not attribute their struggles to inability. How might his encouragement affect their attributions about success or failure? How might it affect their beliefs about their self-worth? (Cut a past link below into your browser)

Question 2: Chapter 13

13.4 Caring Relationships: Connections with School

Mr. Wimberly develops positive teacher-student relationships with his sixth graders. Notice is routine of greeting students when the morning bell rings. Observe his command of the classroom and the students’ respect for him. How does he encourage students to use their time effectively and develop their own abilities? (Cut a past link below into your browser)



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