Biographical Description Of Bob Fosse


*Provide a brief biographical description of Bob Fosse (Who they are/were, where
and when were they born/raised, how did they get their start, what are they most well known for, etc.)
*Discuss a critical issue that exists around their work. This should be the main
part of your paper. What social or political contexts do or did this artist work under? How
do these contexts inform or affect their work? (For example: You may choose to write
about Gwen Verdon, and discuss how she had to negotiate working in the male dominated Broadway scene during her era, and how that societal sexism was reflected in her life and her work.)

SOURCES: At least 5 sources.
Sources may come from a variety of different media, but they must be from solid scholarship about the artist and their social context. Wikipedia and opinion pages about the artist in a printed or online newspaper do NOT count as sources.

Examples of acceptable sources are:
*Printed or online journals
*Books about the artist/social context
*Online or printed scholarly articles
*Journalism that appears in a newspaper (online or printed) that is NOT simply an opinion page.

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