Book analysis


Essay prompt choices—pick one Sean Blanda: “The Other Side is not Dumb”
1. Imagine encountering someone from “the other side,” in real life or online, whose
viewpoint on a particular subject is one that you strongly disagree with. Using Blanda’s
ideas, how would you handle the confrontation? Use a specific example.
2. Assume that Blanda is wrong in some way. Perhaps a person on “the other side” truly is
of low intelligence, willfully ignorant, stubbornly entrenched, etc. Argue that it is futile
to try to understand such a person and explain why, using specific reasons.
The intro should include the thesis, author and title of essay, and plan of development. Create
a strong body with specific examples and thoughtful commentary. Use literary present tense and
third person as defaults.
The final draft should be at least three pages in length, not including the Works Cited page.
Edit and proofread the finished essay for errors.
Intro brings up strong thesis statement w/ plan of development 10%
____ text not mentioned ___ essay topic missing ____ thesis and plan missing
Body clearly and thoroughly addresses thesis and development points 50%
____body paragraphs do not address essay questions
____ must discuss and analyze textual examples more thoroughly
____need more clear, focused commentary supporting thesis statement
_____need stronger textual examples
____ needs better organization
____ features factual errors or misattribution
Clear, complete paragraph and essay structure, organization, development, flow 20%
____ need stronger or clearer topic sentences
_____ redundancy (same idea repeated)
_____ poor paragraph unity/too many ideas/inconsistent focus
____ poor support and development of topic sentence
____poor paragraph flow/too choppy
____ conclusion is missing, abrupt, or just a rehash
___ in-text documentation missing or done incorrectly
Everything else 20%
____ formatting
____ verb errors; s/v agr.; tense
_____spelling errors
_____ run-ons/comma splices
_____syntax and diction
_____pronoun errors
_______ inappropriate use of 1st or 2nd person
______ works cited missing or done incorrectly
_______ other

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