Business Leadership


Business Leadership

“Midterm Exam Chapters 1 through 6 -50 points
The Midterm is a synthesis of what you have learned during the first half of the course. As you have
studied, leadership theory has many varying components. Choose 4 of the following topics and
discuss via video in a Power point presentation. You can use Screencastomatic which is a free

software and a webcam to accomplish this. It is recommended you prepare your power point
presentation then present using Screencastomatic or other software to complete this Midterm. You
upload the file here or download to your youtube channel and send the link.
The purpose of this is for you to explain 4 of the concepts below in your own words. Please be sure
use a webcam and not just voice over. This is only seen by me and your final exam will be in the sa
In a separate assignment, you will write at least 1 page per response (in 1 document). Each respon
should be discussed and well written, use examples from the text and outside sources to support yo
answer. Good Luck!!
– Define the various forms of participative leadership.
– Define the differences between leadership and management.
– What are the indicators used to define leadership success?
– Identify the reasons to resist change. What are some strategies leaders use to effectuate change
an organization?
– Discuss participative leadership and empowerment

Discuss the benefits and risks of delegation. When and how should a leader delegate tasks?
– What traits and skills are beneficial for effective leadership?
– Discuss the specific traits related to leadership effectiveness.
– Discuss the nature and importance of leadership.
– Minimum 1 page per topic.
– Reference page using APA format
– Length should not exceed 6 pages
You will be graded on the following factors: Understanding of topic, use of sources to support your
response, APA format, and clarity of discussion. “

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