Business Service Design



Coursework must
be submitted to Turnitin via Blackboard which gives it a date and time stamp by
2.00pm on the deadline day.

The following
penalties will be applied to coursework which is submitted after the deadline
for submission:

  • where
    the piece of work is submitted after the original deadline (or any formally
    agreed extension to the deadline): 10% of the total marks available for that
    piece of work will be deducted from the mark for each working day (or part
    thereof) following the deadline up to a total of five working days;
  • where
    the piece of work is submitted more than five working days after the original
    deadline (or any formally agreed extension to the deadline): a mark of zero
    will be recorded.

If a student
believes he/she has a valid reason for being unable to meet the deadline he/she
must complete an Extenuating Circumstances form and submit it as soon as is
practicable (in principle before the deadline) to the Programme Administrator
at HBS Admin Deck office.

The hardcopy
must be accompanied by a front cover statement that it is the student’s own
work. Copies of the front cover sheet and the Extenuating Circumstances form
are available at the HBS Admin Deck office.

It is recommended that you keep a copy of all coursework that you

INMR92 – Business Service Design


Requirements and what to deliver

The aim of this
coursework is to enable students to apply the concepts, methods and techniques
learned to conduct business service design that can improve customer
experience. The student is required to choose one case context from the
following options to design their business service:

  • Option 1: design a business service in the context of Brompton Bicycle Limited. The background information of this company can be found at: ; ; ;

annual report of the company can be found in the blackboard.    

  • Option
    : conduct research and
    identify the business domain and the specific service that you would like
    design and develop. 

This is to
assess your understanding of the concepts/principles of these methods, and
ability to perform the tasks in business service design and performance
management for digital innovation and growth. The student also need to
demonstrate how information communication technology (ICT) can drive the
service innovation. 

Students must
deliver a written report to complete the above tasks. The report should contain
no more than 5000 words including any diagrams/tables (but excluding the
references and appendices – if any).  The
minimum font size for the body of text should be 10pt.

The total of 100
marks will be allocated to the following aspects of the report, which should
also be used as a guideline to structure the report.  

(10 marks)

The introduction
should include the context of this study. Expected contents here include
description on the business service to be designed, context, background, key
issues to the addressed, components and coverage of the report. 

Journey analysis (20 marks)

In this section,
the student is expected to analyse the customer journey of the identified
service, using key concepts and tools for service design (e.g. customer journey
tools, information, interaction, transaction, etc) 

Identify and
discuss the gap/problem of existing customer experience (“as-is” situation) and
design improved service or service innovation (“to-be” service) to solve these
problems based on the journey analysis. The students also need to identify the

proposition and business model of the new service design (e.g. business model
canvas etc.)

Structure analysis (15 marks)

In this section,
the student is expected to analyse the organisational structure that is related
to the service design, e.g. front stage, back stage, organisational impact
analysis etc. 

According to the
result above, the student is also expected to create the componentized
organisation architecture and discuss how such elements are integrated for
adding value to the business (e.g. modular business architecture,
identification of specialisation and integration etc)

health analysis (15 marks)

In this section,
the student is expected to conduct corporate health analysis to the case study
using key concept and methods (e.g. health essentials, discovery processes,
influence model, change engine and centred leadership, etc).

management (20 marks)

In this section,
the student is expected to design a group of key performance indicators to
assess the business improvement. The student is expected to discuss performance
assessment and measures of the case study using key performance management
concepts and methods (e.g. performance for corporate health, results,
benchmarking, KPIs, multi-sided service metrics). The student needs to
demonstrate the journey from vision to KPIs and service metrics generation through
customer engagement process.

(10 marks)

In this section,
you should conclude your outcomes, identify and discuss the limitations of your
proposed design and analysis. This might include the assessment of the
suitability, impact and potential risk in the changing business environment, as
well as further improvements in relation to the business case.

There are 10
allocated to the quality of report as follows:

  • Consistency,
    logic of arguments, overall coherence and integration 
  • Style
    and structure, including the use of Harvard system of referencing.


Justify your
answers/arguments by applying appropriate concepts/methods and reference to
relevant literature/articles/sources. Where conditions are underspecified, make
reasonable assumptions based on existing organisations or literature, providing
the source of information

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