Case study | Financial markets homework help



For the four  cases listed above in the weekly activities please provide

a comprehensive analysis (not a summary)

. A typical formal case analysis might follow these guidelines:

Statement of problem or problem(s) facing the firm


State the problem(s) clearly and


Explain why you believe it (or they) is important.

Include information on concepts

from the course as needed.

Summary of the situation/analysis of issues.

This is the section in which you may use tools such

as a SWOT analysis or other analytical tools.

Discuss only the information most relevant to the



Remember that any analytical tool you use should demonstrably achieve some insights

that will help you to make a final recommendation. This is the meat of your analysis and will

demonstrate your thinking and depth of understanding of the case and cours

e material.

Strategic alternatives and recommendations for strategy.

Present a set of strategic alternatives,

evaluate them, and then decide which is (are) best.

This will be your recommendation.


recommendation should follow logically from the state

ment of the problem and the situation


I don’t have to agree with your recommendation for you to get a good grade, but I

need to see the logical flow and justification clearly.


analysis should be professional and not exceed three pages, single spaced. Keep repetition

of case material to a minimum, focus on analysis

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