Case study review | Operations Management homework help


Read the attached case study from Hess’s Growing an Entrepreneurial Business (2011):

In 3 pages minimum not including intro or Reference page, write a paper answering the following case study questions using APA formatting. 


  1. What did Leaders Bank (Leaders) sell? Is it a commodity?
  2. How did Leaders’ “culture of respect” make money for its shareholders?
  3. What is Leaders’ customer value proposition? What are the necessary conditions for the Leaders business model to be successful?
  4. How did Leaders achieve high employee engagement?
  5. How did Leaders manage the risk of culture dilution as it grew?
  6. What message was sent to employees by the “open book” policy?
  7. How did Leaders structure its hiring processes to protect its culture?
  8. What employee benefits programs did Leaders implement? Why? How did Leaders justify the added costs to shareholders?
  9. How did Leaders review performance and improve leadership skills?
  10. Is the Leaders “people model” transferable to a non-banking business? What kind of business? Why? Are there businesses in which the Leaders “people model” will not work? Please explain why.

Support your answers using at least two scholarly sources (for the entire assignment) Answer each question with at least 200 words. 

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