Chemical engineering – food science (material and energy balance)


Chemical engineering – food science (material and energy balance)

At the entrance of the milk factory …
Wai: There must be a milk thief in the factory!
You: A milk thief? We are all good people here (pondering: I think)
Wai: Then explain the big profit reduction from the factory.
You: We are still selling the same amount of milk. It must be from the increase in
energy cost recently.
Wai: Really? I am not convinced. I have been led to believe that you are the milk thief!
You are managing the plant after all!
You: No no no … this must be a misunderstanding. Let me just show you some
numbers on the energy usage of the plant.
In desperation, you walked to the DCS control room and printed out the layout and the
current operating conditions of the plant (appendix). It looked complicated and you
started to sweat.
Wai: Look at you … feeling guilty I presume?
You: Not at all, just give me 3 weeks’ time and I will get back to you.
Wai: I will be expecting a short report on how you calculated the energy usage of the
plant and just to let you know, I am allergic to long reports! Maximum four pages
long you hear me?
You: How big do you want the words to be? Use the company template and format?
Wai: Do I look like I care? Just any way you want it. Only a few equipment in the plant
utilizes energy and I want to see how the energy usage is calculated for these
equipment … convince me that they are properly calculated! And don’t you forget
about the total energy usage.
You: Alright. Just leave this to me, I will prove that I am no milk thief.
Wai: It better be convincing or someone got to answer to this.
Assignment task: Clear yourself of this allegation. Prepare the required report and submit
the report on Canvas as a pdf document named in the following format
“Firstname_Lastname_StudentID.pdf”. You will need to do some research to obtain and
justify suitable specific heat capacity values and density values (or their approximations)
and a suitable ammonia P-h diagram (if required) for the calculations.

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