Cognitive Behavior Therapy in HealthCare


Cognitive Behavior Therapy in HealthCare

Instructions: Please answer the following questions. You may use your textbook Cognitive
Behavior Therapy Basics & Beyond 2nd edition.
1) In your own words, explain the rationale for identifying and modifying core beliefs.
2) Explain how you might help a client identify and ultimately work with distressing automatic
thoughts that are in the form of images.
3) Explain the role and importance of homework within CBT.
4) Describe when you might use roleplay within a CBT session instead of another technique, and

the rationale behind doing so.
5) In your own words, discuss uncovering “problems or stuck points in therapy” and some of the
potential ways or fixing these problems or stuck points.
6) Discuss the role of self-disclosure within CBT and your own practice (or future practice).
7) Explain the main parts of the cognitive conceptualization diagram.
8) Describe identification and modification of intermediate beliefs.
9) Explain the general structure of a CBT session and define each of the parts.
10) Describe the process and role of behavioral activation.

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