Communication Audit with Group of Employees


Communication Audit with Group of Employees

A vital element of gaining knowledge to reach decisions is research. Research provides a focus
and serves as a roadmap for communication plans, business campaigns, and many other
objectives. The elements of research include primary and secondary research, the benefits and
challenges of both, how to conduct research, and how to analyze any results to make informed
Due to your communication background, you have been asked by your supervisor to conduct a
communication audit with a select group of employees. Your supervisor shared with you that

there appears to be a disconnect between management and employees. She thinks there is a
lack of effective communication flow from the top down.
You will be conducting a communication audit with a select group of employees to gather
research to determine if there is a disconnect. A communication audit collects data about
communication practices and analyzes the data to make assessments and recommendations.
These employees’ individual results will be confidential, and only overall results will be discussed
with your supervisor.
Before you conduct the audit, you will need to do some primary and secondary research. For this
assignment, you will write a 3- to 4-page research paper that includes the following:
• Define primary and secondary research and explain how each applies to your objectives of this
communication audit.
• Determine your methodology for this communication audit and be sure to justify your reasoning
with support from the literature, including primary and secondary research, coupled with your
knowledge of communication.
• Draft a questionnaire based on your chosen methodology with at least seven questions.
• Summarize how acquiring and interpreting the data will assist your supervisor in making a
reasonable decision.
Your research paper should be 3–4 pages, with separate title and reference pages in proper APA
format. Include a minimum of three scholarly resources. Your work should display college-level
writing with attention to detail and demonstrate critical thinking skills.
This assignment addresses the following unit learning outcomes:
• Define primary research for use in research.

• Identify secondary research sources for use in research.
• Define research strategies for use in a communication audit.
It also addresses the following Course Outcome:
CM499-4 (BSC-4): Research Methods: Acquire, interpret, and present knowledge gained
through diverse and appropriate methods of inquiry to arrive at reasoned decisions.

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