Comparison Of Cultural And Stylistic Significance Of :Branzino’s Venus Cupid Folly And Time Vs. Ingre Grade’s Odalisque


Directions: Write a 3-5 page compare and contrast essay, that investigates how two artworks from
two different periods with different artistic styles and different cultural contexts illustrate a particular
theme in art. (This is your thesis statement) The artworks you choose MUST correlate with the time
and period styles covered in this course. (High Renaissance to Impressionism)
ONE of the works you choose MUST be from a period style covered in the second half of the class (from
Italian Baroque to Impressionism)
Your paper must include the following components:
Introduction paragraph: with a clear, controlling idea (thesis statement) and artwork
identification: title of artworks, artists (if known), medium, and period styles. Write your
introduction last! This is the most challenging part of your writing, and you need to know what your
paper is going to look like.
For your thesis: Be sure to refer back to it throughout your paper
Your thesis should point out a key similarity or difference between the two works and what that tells
us about their respective cultural context.
Body of the Essay:
o Descriptive analysis of EACH artwork
o Comparative structure (to compare is to discuss how the images are similar, and to contrast
is to discuss how the images are different)
o You will cover cultural context, style, and function.
Conclusion Paragraph: (summarize your argument and connect to greater idea)
Works Cited Page: a separate page of sources in MLA style formatting (use at least 3 sources)
Include a page of the main images discussed in your paper. Do not integrate them into the text!
Include them after the Works Cited Page.
All written work must:
Include a heading with your full name, ID number, class title, date and instructor’s name.
Be typed and double-spaced, 12-point font.
Be Proof-read. Read through your essay for grammar mistakes and unclear explanations!
LA 121 Compare and Contrast Term Paper Assignment
Academic Sources: Use at least 3
Here is a list of Academic Sources you can start with:
AAU Online Databases, such as Oxford Dictionary of Art Online (access through the AAU library)
Academic Periodicals, such as The Art Bulletin (find through AAU library)
Academic Websites, such as museums or university sites.
The Getty Museum and Research Institute ( The best way to navigate through
this website is to type keywords in the search bar.
The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History by the Metropolitan Museum (
). (Each essay includes an example of proper citation at the bottom of the webpage!)
Smarthistory: Presented by Kahn Academy (
No travel websites
Your research MUST BE academic. Avoid websites that end in “.com” Focus on websites which end in edu
or org.
The sources MUST include one book or an academic article in addition to your textbook.
Basic format for a book:
Author Last name, First Name. Title of Book italicized. City of Publication: Publisher, Year
of Publication. Medium of Publication.
MLA use in-text parenthetical citations: (Author last name, page number)

My Topic:
Compare and contrast of cultural and stylistic significance of :

Branzino’s venus cupid folly and time vs. Ingre Grade’s Odalisque


Louis David’s Oath of the Horatti vs Delacroix’s Liberty Leading The People

1) Thematic Connection (Thesis Statement) What theme do the two works share? Explain in full-sentences.
2) Stylistic Analysis List at least 3 period style characteristics for EACH artwork as related to your thesis statement
3)Cultural Context List at least 3 characteristics to illustrate how EACH artwork represents its culture.
4)Academic Research Sources for this essay: (List 3 sources. One must be a online Journal)

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