Compensation and Employee Benefits


Compensation and Employee Benefits


Discuss: Compensation & Employee Benefits

  1. Write an Initial Post of 300 words (total) which incorporates your analysis of the assigned reading (Chapter 9 and Chapter 10) into the prompts below:
    • Identify key trends in physician compensation in the past (the advantages and disadvantages of different models).  What do you recommend for physician compensation in the future?
    • Identify key elements in an employee benefit plan. Why would you include these elements?
  2. Conclude your post with a “discussion question” with the goal of sparking further conversations and analysis about these chapters


  • Make sure to read chapter (9, 10) and connect the analysis to these chapters.
  • Citation in the paper required from both chapter

 (author, date, page number)

  • References
  • Conclude the paper with discussions question in the end.



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