Contribution Of Art To Popular Culture


The goals for fieldwork in visual culture are to better understand how art—both historically situated and contemporarily represented—contribute to popular culture. Options for visual culture fieldwork spaces are:

1) Ukiyo-e / Woodblock prints from Hokusai

2) Ukiyo-e / Woodblock prints from Edo period

3) Art installations by Yayoi Kusama

4) Art installations by Murakami Takashi

5) Art installations by Yoshitomo Nara

6) Additional space / exhibits / options …?

In the fieldwork analyses you should examine 1 to 2 pieces of art for at least two of the types / artists listed above. You are free to do internet searches for examples of the art above.

In connection to your fieldwork and observations, you will be completing Analysis Reports that include the following:

  • Brief Introduction: Approximately 4 to 5 sentences , adding some discussion why these pieces are important or good examples of Japanese popular culture more broadly
  • Field notes: Approximately 2 pages. Field notes are a collection of your observations and preliminary hypotheses regarding your object/space of inquiry. You should analyze two to three different objects or spaces for each unit. Be detailed and descriptive please.
  • Analyses: Approximately 1 page. Analyses reconnecting what you have observed to what you have read (check pdf files).

Conclusion: reconnects all these discussions back to Japanese popular culture more broadly.


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