Corporate Social Responsibility in HR Perspective Essay


Corporate Social Responsibility in HR Perspective Essay

This Individual Essay requires you to do individual research and write an essay on corporate social responsibility
using material from the course and from your own research.
A. During the semester, we will be doing a classroom exercise where we will generate ideas about current
issues that are relevant to CSR.
B. A selection of the top issues will be provided to you to use and launch your research questions. These
issues will be your broad research topic.
1. Develop a research question based on one of the topics developed in class; support your argument with
research, provide recommendations and provide a conclusion.
2. You need to show the use of Course-related content and materials which will be evidenced by appropriate
in-text citations and references.
3. You also need to use the lens of your specific major (Human Resources) (this will be evidenced by using the first person in the essay and discussing
how your major field of study influences or is influenced by the theme of your paper). You need to
identify what your major area of study is, as I will not be able to determine that just from your essay.
Note that you need a title page, an abstract, a table of contents, introduction, the body of the paper, a conclusion,
page numbers, reference list, appendices if applicable and comply with APA requirements for in-text citations,
referencing, font size (12 Times New Roman), double-space, page numbers, figures and tables (if applicable).
Please use headings to help separate your sections and make it easier for us to grade. You should have a range of
2250-2750 words excluding title page, references or appendices. Graders will not grade anything that is beyond
2750 words. Make sure that you write your word count in your title page. You need a minimum of 5 academic
references outside of the course textbooks– ideally, they are peer-reviewed journal articles or academic textbooks
(do not use undergraduate or graduate thesis documents); and any number of non-academic references (do not use
Wikipedia, Investopedia, or Slideshare documents as part of your references). Note that formatting errors
including excessive spelling errors, grammar errors or other formatting issues will be penalized as part of the
Format part of the rubric. Corporate Social Responsibility in HR Perspective Essay
Note that every factual claim or conceptual claim that you make or refer in your paper needs to be supported by an
in-text citation in proper APA formatting (this includes proper paraphrasing, use of quotation marks, etc.). Failure
to do so means that the point is not valid and in the case of improper formatting, you may be penalized up to an
Academic Misconduct based on the severity of the infraction. The Turnitin tool is made available for you to use
(submit your paper before the due date and review its content to ensure that proper citing, quoting and
paraphrasing has been done). Note that if there is an indication that the essay has been sourced from a course or
note-sharing website, which will be obvious by looking at your Turnitin report, then the grade on the assignment
will be 0.
As this is a research-based essay, you should make sure that you support all of your claims and that you
structure the essay according to the format shown in the rubric. Corporate Social Responsibility in HR Perspective Essay

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