COVID-19 and International Trade (Case Study )


COVID-19 and International Trade (Case Study )

Currently the United States and the world is grappling with containing the spread of COVID-19
amongst its citizens. As time progresses, the number of infections and deaths surge both
domestically and internationally. There have been many conversations and viewpoints on how
best to approach taking care of the sick, reducing exposure to others, and stabilizing the
economy. Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is among the many who has voiced their opinion on
the matter. He has stated “Those of us who are 70-plus, we’ll take care of ourselves, but don’t
sacrifice the country.” He has also stated that he is “not living in fear of COVID-19. What I’m
living in fear of is what’s happening to this country.” This sparked comments on whether the government should prioritize the economy or public health. Using 2 ethical philosophies, what is
the ethical option for the United States? Should the government prioritize public health or the
economy? (these philosophies can have different conclusions). Feel free to use sources
(reference page will not count toward the 2 page requirement). Please attempt to keep your
answers void of bias and strictly based on the philosophies you choose (aka I don’t want to read
a political rant).
The philosophies that you can choose from are:
1) Utilitarianism (greater good)
2) Deontology (follows the rules)
3) Natural Rights (comes with birth, not made by law)
4) Virtue (goodness, kindness)
5) Consequentialism (ends justifies the means)

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