Creating A Demonstration Speech


The purpose of a demonstration speech is to help people understand how to do something and reach audience members who are “watchers” and “doers” (Verderber, Sellnow & Verderber, 2018). YouTube is full of “how to” videos that may deem helpful in your understanding how to show a process. Also, TV shows such as HGTV and Food Network are based on folks showing us how, not just telling us (informative). Below are links to videos of examples of people demonstrating how to open a jar and how to plant flowers.

“How To Open A Jar” by Rachel Ray (2:07 minutes in length)
“How to Plant Flowers” by (3:01 minutes in length)
During this session, you will be creating a demonstration speech on a topic of your choice. Below is an overview of the required components of this Demonstration Speech assignment. More details on each component along with the submission links are included in this folder.

Topic Selection

First, you will need to select the topic of your demonstration speech. The topic should be something that interests both you and your audience, personally or professionally.


Next you will create an outline of your speech.

The outline should be comprehensive in all areas to include APA format in-text citation of sources where applied and a complete references list at the bottom.


You will deliver an eight to ten (8 – 10) minute demonstration speech. You will use unique visual(s) throughout your speech. For example, if you are demonstrating how to make a seven-layer dip, you will actually use the supplies and ingredients while you are speaking to show your audience how to make seven-layer dip.

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