Criminal Justice System Compare/Contrast


Criminal Justice System Compare/Contrast

Select any country and compare/contrast the United States criminal justice system to that
country’s criminal justice system.
I am looking for a paper that identifies the different ways other countries implement their criminal
justice systems and how they are similar to or different form the United States. I also want you to
discuss, whether you think the criminal justice system is better in the United States or in the
other country you’re researching, and why.
Here are some guidelines:
Provide a thorough description and background of the topic you selected.
Perform an Internet and library search for a minimum of 5 reputable sources, the majority of
which should be peer-reviewed, academic, scholarly resources, and should be cited using proper
APA format.
Articulate a clear, well-developed discussion, supported by your research, about the differences
and similarities in what you are discussing.
Your paper should demonstrate reasoned analysis and critical thinking. You should supp

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