Data Analytics In Personalize Medicine


  • Topic: Data Analytics in Personalize Medicine
  • Articulate in a reflective essay, the significance and implications of the work in data analytics related to the selected topic in terms of addressing challenges in a local, national or global context.
  • Include the description of the problem (Challenges in using data analytics in personalize medicine) and how you plan to solve it (method/approach).
  • Include the literature review on the selected topic or issue to back-up your choice, argument and proposed solution.
  • Include pictures, visualizations about data analytics (can be from literature).
  • Critically analyze how getting a graduate degree in analytics can help you tackle this problem.


Graduate degree in analytics generally includes courses such as: Data-driven decision making; Big data management; Predictive analytics; Database management.

Explain how these courses (just by title) can help you tackle the problem within topic.

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