Describe how to Make a memorable tv Commercial.


Please watch the following advertisements. While watching these commercials, reflect upon the following:

What makes these advertisements effective?

What purpose did each advertisement serve–that is, was this advertisement designed to be pioneering (informative), competitive (comparative), reminder (reinforcement), or promote advocacy?

What kind of appeal does each advertisement utilize?

Gold’n Plump Chicken

The Clio Awards hosts the world’s largest and most famous advertising awards competition in the international advertising. Fallon has won two Grand Clio Awards, the highest award given. Fallon also has won several other prestigious advertising awards since it was founded in 1981. One of its early TV spots that won acclaim was its “Gold’n Plump Chicken” ad, which aired in the early 1980s.


Pepsi-Cola has produced several award winning TV ads over the years in its battle with Coca-Cola (as has Coca-Cola) for the hearts and minds of soft drink consumers. A few of these TV spots are either in the Clio Hall of Fame or cited as one of the best ads ever. In 1999, TV Guide polled advertising agencies to rank the “Fifty Greatest TV Commercials of All Time.” The Pepsi’s Security Camera TV spot was ranked #21. Pepsi advertising has won other awards as well.


The last TV spot has been voted the best TV commercial ever created by advertising agencies, advertisers, and of course, TV Guide. This TV ad also is in the Clio Hall of Fame because it changed how advertisers think about the ways ads are created. It set a new standard for cinematic style. Ridley Scott (Alien, Thelma & Louise, Oscar-winner Gladiator, Exodus, etc.) directed the TV ad.

This TV spot cost over $400,000 to make (a huge amount back then) and cost an additional $500,000 to air. The ad aired only once—during Super Bowl XVIII in 1984. However, because of its success, it started the Super Bowl ad extravaganza we see today, when a 30-second TV spot can cost about $4 million! Finally, the ad was not only a creative success, but also a commercial one as well. After the ad ran, it generated huge sales of the Apple Macintosh PC. Here now is the best TV commercial ever made.


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