Design a system that distributes the electrical powers based on input sensor values


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Clear statement of the work that students are expected to undertake:

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Learning Outcomes assessed in this assessment:

Assessment Criteria/Mark Scheme: See the guidance below

Referencing Style: References are included in IEEE style

Expected size of the submission:
report should not be over 25 pages including all figures and codes


Design a system
that distributes the electrical powers based on input sensor values. The system
has three electricity generators including a primary power generator G0 and two
auxiliary generators G1 and G2 to provide power for a consumer network (load).
Generator G0 is always ON, whereas G1 and G2 are ON only when required. Two sensors,
sensor 1 (S1) and sensor 2 (S2), are used to monitor different load points in
the consumer network. Each provides 4-bit information representing in
percentage of power consumption. The sensor values are used to control the
auxiliary power generators, G1 and G2. These generators are only ON when the
measured power consumptions are above certain thresholds.

You will design
a system using KL25Z to implement the above operation. Write a C program that
allows a KL25Z to read the values from all sensors and control the generators.
Initially G1 and G2 are OFF when the reading power consumptions are low. The
generator G1 will be turned ON when the value of measured power consumption
from S1 is over 60%. The generator G2 is ON when S2’s value is over 70%.

If the measured
power consumptions are very high, i.e. the values of S1 and S2 are both over
90%, the generators will likely be overloaded, therefore all generators should
be isolated from the network if the sensor values are still over 90% after a
period of 10 seconds. The PIC should then switch G0, G1 and G2 OFF to isolate
all generators from the network and turn the warning LED light ON.


The Assignment Report(*)
total mark will be 100%. It will include:

  1. Describe problem specification
  2. Full system block diagram (15%)
    1. Input – 7.5%
    1. Output – 7.5%
  3. State diagram with comments (35%)
    1. State diagram – 25%
    1. Explanation and Comments – 10%
  4. Codes with comments (35%)
    1. KL25Z configuration – 5%
    1. Sensor reading – 5%
    1. G1 is ON – 5%
    1. G2 is ON – 5%
    1. All Gs are OFF – 5%
    1. Explanation and Comments in each section of codes – 10%
  5. Report presentation (10%)

(*) The assignment is an individual work

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