Difference Between Employee Health And Occupational Health


9.1. Food Safety and Foodborne Illness

Who controls the response to foodborne disease outbreaks?  What are some of the local, state, and federal agencies that help protect our food?  How do they accomplish this task?  Select an incident within the past couple of years that created a public health outbreak. My local Stat is Maryland

Describe the response.  What went right?  What worked less than optimally?  What agencies and organizations participated?  Who was “in charge”?

Compare your research with the 1984 outbreak of salmonella in The Dalles, Oregon or the 2008 salsa salmonella outbreak

9.2. Preparedness

Based on what you have learned, how would you assess the nation’s preparedness posture?  What would you recommend?  Why is this such a problem?  Cite the incident and evidence for your recommendations.

10.1. Water & Waste Water

Think about water.  Think about how it is tied in with waste and vector borne diseases. Humans have been using water as a way for disposing waste for centuries!  Vector-borne diseases account for more than 17% of all infectious diseases, causing more than 1 million deaths annually.  We take water so much for granted yet it is many times the source of many public health issues.  Give an example of why we need to be concerned with vector-borne diseases and what progress we are making (or not.)

10.3. Vector Control

When Zika was detected there in 2016, Florida health officials began spraying and fogging to control the Aedes aegypti population.  This prompted protests against the use of toxic chemicals in the environment.  The Speaker of the Florida state House of Representatives has asked for your recommendation in whether to support or oppose future pesticide use.  What will you tell him?  Why?

11.1. Occupational Health

What role does public health play in keeping employees safe?  How can we advocate for safer workplaces?  How do we get our employees to “make safety first?”  Some questions to guide the discussion:

  1.  Define occupational health.
  2.  Discuss challenges for the development of occupational health and safety.
  3.  Explain the scope of occupational health and safety.
  4.  Describe the interrelationship between occupational health and development
  5.  Identify the elements of a work environment.
  6.  Discuss the three common interactions in the work place.
  7.  Explain the interrelationships between work and health.
  8. What is the difference between employee health and occupational health?
  9. List some occupations that have statuary or regulatory occupational health requirements.  Are these a benefit or an unnecessary burden?  Why?  Are any of these healthcare related professions?
  10. What benefit, if any, accrues to the employer with a robust occupational health and safety program?

Please indicate the sections that they question are being answered and also please put the reference for each section under the answer.

9.1 and 9.2 – 1 page
10. and 10.3 – 1 page
11.1 – 1 page

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