Economic And Social Policies In France


Country chosen: France

Identify current economic and social policy in your country, including social welfare programs (ex: Social Security, medical care programs, worker’s compensation, etc.). Find areas of the economy or social welfare that your country needs to improve and what do you believe is the problem. Identify policies that may help the current situation in your country, explain how these policies can help the current situation. Make strong arguments.

The following are minimum requirements for the written portion:
1. The Country Study must be Typed double space. (APA Format preferred, MLA optional).
2. Every Project must have a References page as requested in APA
3. Write it ALL in your OWN words, DO NOT COPY / PASTE anything, your grade will be severely penalized if you do so. When copy/pasting data, graphs or other, make sure to cite correctly, follow APA format.
4. Usual recommendation is 1-2 sources per page you write.
5. The use of Wikipedia and/or any other internet blog, question-answer website as a source in not acceptable.

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