Effect Music has on Emotions


Effect Music has on Emotions

*This is an APA style research methods paper and must be 8 pages not including reference
pages ( 4 articles required, 1-2 pages)
*Title page (APA STYLE) Title must be “music is what emotions sounds like.”
*Introduction (4 pages)
*Method (4 pages) ( the methodology section is where you give details on how your study would
be conducted. I would use questionnaires if it were me. You can make them up along with
participants responses as long as they are good quality and reflect what this paper is about.)
*Reference pages (1-2 pages)
*Focus on WHY music causes emotional changes..
*This is a research methods research paper so one independent variable (music) and 2
dependent variables (emotions and gender) are required so you can manipulate the type of
music to affect the person’s moods. I was going to use the examples of listening to rock or rap
music at the gym to pump you up and listening to happy music before an interview or when your
nervous to make you feel like everything will be okay. Also I think using the example of how
scary movies before a thrilling scene use thriller music to make the viewer anxious would be a
good example. Or any movie for that matter (action movies etc.)
*Last but not least…. Please get me an A as this holds the highest weight percentage of my
grade! I have faith in you!

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