Effects Of Economic And Social Globalization


Music and Hispanic/Latino Migrants in New York City

write a research paper (8 pages in length/7 sources) that examines the group, citing the readings as secondary sources, while using first-hand accounts of some kind (i.e., personal statements, interviews, casual commentary) as primary source material.  MLA citation format is required.


  1. Introduction
  2. Music and Puerto Rican Migrants
  3. People migrated from Puerto Rico in 1898 after the Spanish American        War and in 1917
  4. Early 1950s- social clubs
  5. Jibaro music and significant forms

– seis, aguinaldo, bomba, mapayé, son and danza

  1. instruments employed

– guitar, cuatro, maracas, and guiro

  1. Themes

– homeland, motherhood, nature, and idealized love.

  1. Music and Mexican Migrants
  2. migratory movements generation’
  3. deejays (sonidero)
  4. dance
  5. genre
  6. weekend dance
  7. Mexican population in New York City and New Jersey
  1. Music and the Dominican Republic Migrants
  2. Effects of economic and social globalization.
  3. Merengue Tipico
  4. Impact on migrants from regionality of music
  5. Music and class correlation
  6. Dominican transnationalism
  7. Conclusion


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