Efforts Of Technology Companies To Help In The Battle Against COVID-19


As the world continues to battle the COVID-19 virus, it’s easy to feel anxious or overwhelmed. However, it’s also important to recognize the extraordinary efforts of first responders, grocery store workers, healthcare professionals and many others who are putting their personal safety at risk to ensure that we remain safe.

Given that COMM 280 is a class that focuses on technology,find examples where technology companies have shifted their focus to provide assistance with the ongoing battle against COVID-19. We have discussed a number of companies this semester and you are welcome to highlight their efforts. However, you are also welcome to highlight other companies who have made a difference in battling this horrible virus.

Search the web for reputable articles and/or websites that report on the efforts of technology companies to help in the battle against COVID-19. Please add a new page to your WordPress site and name it 4/17 Activity. On your 4/17 Activity page, please provide the following:

1.List the actions that have been taken by 3 technology companies who have provided assistance in the battle against COVID-19.
2.Provide links to the articles and/or websites that highlight the actions taken by the 3 companies referenced in Step 1.
3.Describe how the actions taken by the 3 companies listed in Step 1 have helped you during this health crisis.
4.Of the 3 companies listed in Step 1, which single company has had the greatest positive impact on you?
5.For the company listed in Step 4, did you have a positive perception of them before the COVID-19 crisis? If not, have their actions changed your perception and are you now more inclined to use their products/services?


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