ENGL 102 Helicopter & Airplanes Aerodynamics Comparison Essay


ENGL 102 Helicopter & Airplanes Aerodynamics Comparison Essay

Comparison Between The Aerodynamics of Helicopter and Airplanes:

General Formatting Guidelines:

  • Use plain white A4-size paper.
  • Use a regular 12-point font such as Times New Roman or Calibri.
  • Double-space the lines (APA recommendation) or use either 1.5 or 1.15 spacing (214 recommendation).
  • Set all four margins to 2.5 cm. (one inch).

Cover Page:


  • Theme (20-point, boldface, centered, and capitalized).
  • Title of your report using capital letters for the main words only. 32 point. Centered.


    • Your title should also show a clear link between your major and the semester’s theme. Centered.


  • Writer’s details: your name, your ID number, your section and serial numbers, and your major. All items are 16 points and centered.


    • Teacher’s details: his name followed by the title of the English course, and the course code.
    • Descriptive abstract of about 50 words; 10 point; single-spaced.


  • Date of submission.


  • As neat, simple and attractive as possible.  ENGL 102 Helicopter & Airplanes Aerodynamics Comparison Essay


  • The main parts of the TOC are capitalized and boldfaced
  • The sub-sections of the report are indented under the main sections with only the first letter of each important word capitalized.


  • Third-level headings are indented still further, are italicized


  • Every first-, second-, or third-level heading in your report must be reproduced exactly in the TOC
  • As with the rest of the report, neatness and clarity are important.


  • There is no limit on the number of sources you can use to write your report but there is a minimum requirement of six.
  • Arrange your sources in alphabetical order according to the author’s family name (or the title, if there is no author).
  • Double-space, or use 1.5 line spacing, between and within your references. Remember to insert a hanging indent for the first line of each reference.

Final Report (soft copy)

  • Submitted into Blackboard
  • Into the Turnitin icon
  • Should be:
    • Your own work
    • Free from plagiarism
    • Checked beforehand in the plagiarism checker

ENGL 102 Helicopter & Airplanes Aerodynamics Comparison Essay

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