ENGL 1060 History of Nursing Research Proposal


ENGL 1060 History of Nursing Research Proposal

Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing is both a science and an art. Through nursing, individuals are given health care and their societal needs are met. Within the health care career, nurses are at the top for patient care, interacting with the residents or patients, families, and communities to push physiological circumstances, provide medical education, preventing a infection or disease, take care of the ill, and rehabilitate those in need. Nurses must multitask, acting together with other health care disciplines to push a healthy environment.

Perhaps the best philosophy of nursing is that health is that the right of each individual which health care is that the responsibility of society. The philosophy of nursing goes a step beyond defining and shaping the role of nursing in society. The philosophy of nursing is anxious with how nursing activities are done, and the elements that guide the practice of nursing. ENGL 1060 History of Nursing Research Proposal

Positivism quantitative research includes philosophical views. It is usually helpful in nursing technology and nursing practices that do not contain human behaviors. Post positivist uses qualitative approaches to growing nursing expertise and analysis of a given context. It has helped the nursing career to apprehend the implications of the social environment of patients.

As I go on this journey with this research paper, my goal is to learn so much more about the philosophy of nursing. My future career is too become a nurse I am in love with this topic. This is not only just an assignment, it is teaching me so much information that I could use in the future. ENGL 1060 History of Nursing Research Proposal

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