English Topic: TOPIC: Fast food advertising and child obesity


Final Paper Specs

Below, you will find the requirements for your final research paper in B1A. Your paper must meet all of the below requirements to be eligible to earn a passing score.

• Paper must be a minimum of 5 full pages long and a max of 7 full pages long. If it is over 7 pages, I will stop reading at the bottom of the 7th page, and you will earn the grade you earn for writing an incomplete paper that did not adhere to the assignment parameters.
• You must use between 6 and 9 sources. I do not count a source used only for a hook toward this limit.
• Paper must include in-text citations which correspond with the citations in the works cited. These citations must be accurately formatted according to MLA standards. If they are not, your paper will not earn a passing score. If you are worried about a particular citation, email me, or seek help from a librarian, our SI, Ashley, the BC Writing Center, or the Purdue University Online MLA Guide, The Owl.
• Paper must have a works cited page and citations for every source used in the final paper. If you do not cite every source you use, that is considered plagiarism and an automatic F grade will be earned.
• Paper must adhere to standard academic essay structure. There should be an introduction, a thesis, multiple body paragraphs with clear topic sentences which tie back to the thesis, evidence (your citations), a counterargument paragraph, and a conclusion.
• A minimum of two different sources should be used in each body paragraph (you may have one that only uses one source, but the majority should have at least two citations from differing sources or more). Your paper is a demonstration of how various disparate sources are actually working together to uphold your claim, so you must use multiple sources in each body paragraph. See me if you are unclear regarding this requirement.
• The majority of your citations should be paraphrased. Avoid using too many direct quotes (email me if you’re unsure how many is too many—it often depends on a number of factors unique to each student’s individual papers). Paraphrase is the standard. Paraphrases must have in-text citations. See me if you are unclear about this requirement. I have uploaded a sample research paper, so you can see how citations are effectively used in an academic research paper.
• Paper must be submitted to Canvas to earn a score.
• Paper must be relatively free of typographical and grammar/punctuation errors. Be sure to revise and proofread carefully. Papers demonstrating a lack of proofreading on the part of the author will lose significant points.
• Paper must be in Times New Roman, 12 point font to earn a score.
• Paper must argumentative to earn a score.
• Paper must have 1 inch margins all around.
• A works cited page must be included. It should begin on a fresh page. Do not start your works cited halfway down the page, no matter where on the page you write your final line.

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