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Today’s generation is seeing tremendous changes in how business is done throughout the world, and how society in general responds to social, and cultural change in ways that has never been seen before.  Fifty years ago diplomacy among nations was substantially different from what we see today.  Fifty years ago it would have been unheard of for women to negotiate diplomatic issues.  However, today it has become the norm.  While not every change is accepted worldwide, religion has become a key factor in how business is conducted.  In the United States not only does religion play an integral part of politics but, one must be accepting of the other cultures that have emerged, such as Gay Rights, inter-racial and inter-religious marriages.  Religion and the acceptance of religion has been so highly regarded by nations that the mere mention of religious clerics becoming involved in any type of national business is to the point that “one of the titles of the bishop of Rome is pontifex maximus, or “greatest bridge builder.” In Poland, John Paul II, helped construct a bridge that would ultimately restore the connection between Europe’s East and West.”(Albright, 36)  While this is how one of the greatest popes of modern times was viewed, it does not only apply to Christianity.  Many leaders in the Middle East are viewed in the same way and are held to the same regard.  This has all come at the expense of the mixing of the very many cultures.  Religions and cultures have been joined to the point the finding the original culture is next to impossible.  We have come to accept diversity in marriage and religion. 



       How has the mixing of religions and cultures created a greater level of diversity and affected people worldwide, so that what was not accepted fifty years ago, even thirty years ago is now considered normal, everyday events.


Use essay “Faith and Diplomacy” “The end of Race: Hawaii and the Mixing of Peoples” 


2 quotes each paragraph, from each article. needs Setup+explaination.



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