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Ethics Code

When discussing the various subfields of applied psychology, we will often refer to the terms “scope of practice” and “competency.” In this three- to four-page paper (about 1,050-1,400 words, excluding title page and references):

Describe what is meant by “scope of practice,” going beyond a simple definition to analyze how it impacts the relationships between different subfields of psychology.

Describe the importance of competency and competency benchmarks, analyzing their role in defining the differences between students, interns, and professionals in the various subfields of psychology.

Compare and contrast the APA and ACA ethical codes and credentialing guidelines, and then analyze the reasons behind their commonalities and differences. Does scope of practice and competency benchmarks inform or explain any of these differences? What other elements can illuminate your analysis?

In addressing each of the above questions, support your analysis and construct your arguments by citing references from course readings and at least one peer-reviewed journal article from the recommended 


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