Explain the most Unusual, Amusing, Beautiful, Humorous or Bizarre place names in the United States.


Imagined Towns

Consider the list of towns below from The Accuracy Project, which has compiled “the most unusual, amusing, beautiful, humorous or bizarre place names” in the United States. While some of these names “are historical and no longer exist,” they all are or were the names for real places.

Choose ONE of the towns from below and use it to write a 300-500 word flash story. What does it feel like to live there? What are its landscapes, weathers, flora, fauna, and human residents? Who is desperate to leave—but can’t? Who never wants to go away?

Goose Egg, Wyoming

Buttermilk, Arkansas

Scrabble, West Virginia

Cyclone, Texas

What Cheer, Iowa

Zigzag, Oregon

Horse Head, Virginia

Dogtown, California

Devil’s Backbone, Connecticut

Angel Fire, New Mexico

Frogtown, Illinois

Lost, Minnesota

Money, Mississippi

Burnt Water, Arizona

Roach, Nevada

Why, Arizona

Talking Rock, Georgia

Neversink, Pennsylvania

Star, Oklahoma


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