Extended Definition For Binge Drinking


Choose a medical or health term that is not commonly understood, is commonly misunderstood, or (due to recent advances or to changes in perspective) is now differently understood. Write an extended definition for that term for a non-expert audience, using a minimum of 3 sources. For each assignment, a different term must be chosen, while a different audience (government agencies, non-profit organizations, and public policymakers, to patients and their families, and to media) & a different venue (an entry in a newsletter, an extended memo, etc.) is strongly encouraged. Consider why the audience would want/need to read this definition, in what situation or setting your definition would appear, and what you hope the audience will gain by reading and understanding your term. Each assignment will be accompanied by a 250-word memo that explains why this audience, why this venue, & what strategies you used & why.

Health term;binge drinking
Target audience: Policymakers
Venue: Newspaper, billboards, news , social media

Use statistics.


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