Factors That Affect The Macro Environment Of A Company


Define in your own words and reinforce with “real” world examples. Demonstrate why the example is best suited to explain the concept. The “real” world researched by you is where you earn the points! The Key to Success is to research real world examples to illustrate the synthesis of understanding.

1. Discuss in length, analyze and compare the 5 generic Competitive strategies. Please discuss when they are best used and not to be used. Also, provide “real” world examples of each strategy.
2. Discuss and analyze and the Macro Environment of a company. Discuss the factors that affect the environment. Also, discuss the immediate Industry and Competitive environment. Analyze why all of these are important for a company to know. Provide “real” world examples
3. Discuss each the do and don’ts of creating a Vision Statement. Provide “real” world examples of a good Vision statement and why and a poor Vision Statement.
4. Discuss and analyze what a company the Three Strategic Questions All Firms Must Answer Discuss the different components of each questions. Discuss and provide real examples.
5. Define each of the four types of a SWOT. Why would a SWOT be performed? Provide and analyze a “real” world companies SWOT analysis.

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