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This paper is designed to help students apply family therapy models to specific family issues. Students will identify one family issue that is of interest to them (I chose DEPRESSION) and discuss how this issue affects families (2-3 pages). This section is an overview of the issue and must be written from the perspective of academic research and NOT from an opinion/personal experience perspective. Students will then identify two family therapy models that are of interest to them and “treat” the family issue they have chosen. Students will discuss the goals of therapy, specific interventions and their implementation, role of the therapist during therapy, and how to apply important principles, interventions and concepts of each model. Each model application section is to be 2-3 pages. The paper (not including title page and references) should be 6-9 pages in total. This will be due 5/13/19 at 11:59 pm.

You will need to locate a minimum of five professional journal articles related to the family issue you have chosen (this could include professional journal articles on the application of your chosen family therapy models to your particular family issue: for example, treating blended families with Structural Family Therapy). 

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