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For our first discussion, let’s warm up to talking about films. First, what did you think of Nanook of the North? How did the music affect your viewing of the film? What about the Camera work- what ‘illusion’ did it create?

How do you feel about the controversy of Reenactment? Why?

A good discussion post is at least a decent size paragraph.

For your first Film Assignment, do one of the following and write a 1-2 page summary, including your own commentary:

  • Find a Critical Review of Nanook of the North and summarize its critique of the film. Do you agree or disagree with its critique? Why or why not?
  • Find an article about the making of the film, how do the technological and other obstacles Flaherty had to overcome affect your impression of the film? Why?
  • Watch Season 1 Episode 2 of Documentary Now! (Available on Netflix and maybe other places) Summarize what they parody. Is the parody valid? What does it make you question from the original film?
  • Find an article about Inuit life, either before colonization or during the 1920s. What does that information and the film make you think about when compared to each other.

In all choices: make sure there is an even amount of summary and personal commentary and Make sure you have a Works Cited page in MLA format, so I can see where you got your outside source.

Double space, use Standard American English appropriate for the college level, MLA style for quotations, and proofread and edit your assignment before turning it in.




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