Finance Assessment IV


1). On December 5 2007 the common stock of Google Inc. (GOOG) was trading at $698.51. One year later the shares sold for $301.99. Google has never paid a common stock dividend. What rate of return would you have earned on your investment had you purchased the shares on December 5 2007? The rate of return you would have earned is what percent?
2).The common stock of Plaxo Enterprises had a market price of $9.45 on the day you purchased it just 1 year ago. During the past year the stock paid a dividend of $1.43 and closed at a price of $11.66. What rate of return did you earn on your investment in Plaxo’s stock? The rate of return you earned on Plaxo’s stock is what percent?
30). CaswellEnterprises had the following end-of-year stock prices over the last five years and paid no dividends.
4). Syntex is considering an investment in one of two stocks. Given the information that follows which investment is better based on the risk (the standard deviation) and return? Given the information in the table what percent is the rate of return for Stock B?

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