From sea to land. Write a two pages essay about 2-3 parag


From sea to land. Write a two pages essay about 2-3 paragraphs on this topic. Use at least 1 picture for better explaining and cite it at the end. MLA format. Use leture notes only!(the attached ppt I provided). Try to explain this topic from Plants and Animals as simple as possible. Select a topic that we have covered in lecture lab or the textbook that you find particularly interesting. You are welcome to look over the syllabus and choose a topic that we will cover later in the quarter if you wish. In two to three paragraphs write an explanation of this topic for the average layperson a person who is unfamiliar with introductory paleontology or geology. For example if you were to explain the Cambrian Explosion to a friend or family member how would you go about it? What terms would you need to define first? Can you explain this important concept to someone in basic terms? (This is just an example of a topic you could choose!) Practicing this skill of explaining scientific concepts to others not only solidifies your own understanding of the material but can be educational and entertaining to your friends and family. Additionally you will gain an awareness of how challenging a task it is to create interesting scientific documentaries newspaper articles on scientific discoveries and science museum exhibits. Select a topic of your choice (it MUST be related to topics covered in lecture or lab) and if you are unsure if it is an acceptable topic feel free to ask the professor or your TA for confirmation or input. You are encouraged to include pictures if you like but they are certainly not required. If you do choose to use pictures please cite them (at least list a website link if you can’t find the photographer’s name). You are also encouraged to read and comment on your classmates’ entries but be civil and keep criticism constructive. A sample blog can be found here: http://voices. 06/24/the-importance-of-silly- putty-in-paleontology/ As you are writing your blog remember that plagiarism is NOT ACCEPTABLE. You should be explaining a topic that you have learned about so sources outside of your class notes shouldnt be necessary. The assignment needs to be written in your own words. If you use any outside resources for this assignment (perhaps to include pictures or diagrams) you need to reference that source. If you used a website a link to that website is fine. If you used any sort of journal article or news piece please include at least the author and title of the article the journal/news agency that published it and a url to the article (if applicable).


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