Gender in the Workplace


Gender in the Workplace

Chapter 10 describes differences in the workplace in regards to gender. In particular, your book discusses the idea of a “sticky floor” and “glass ceiling”. (see pages 226-227)

Read through this section of the book (as well as the previous sections 217-226) and watch the TED talk below. After you have reviewed both, answer the questions below.

Why we have too few women leaders 1.

What examples in the TED talk did you notice that are either “sticky floor” or “glass ceiling”?

Relate these back to the book as there is quite a bit of overlap in examples. 2. What does the book suggest as a reason for women leaving jobs, particularly in management positions (see page ? 3.

Do you think that women leaving jobs due to lack of opportunities is due to “leaving before they leave”, for another reason, or for some combination of factors?

Explain you answer with research from the book, talk, or outside journal articles.

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